Ramadan & Taraweeh 2021 Announcement

Insha Allah,

Ramadan will be April 13th 2021 and the first night of Taraweeh will be April 12th 2021. Registration details are below.

Bilal Mosque will be having limited Ramadaan activities at the mosque this year. We will be having daily taraweeh praying 8 rakat followed by witr prayer. Our intention is to complete Isha and Taraweeh prayers in about 30 minutes. There is no plan to finish the Quran during taraweeh. We will follow the same guidelines that we have been following for juma'ah prayers. Attendance will be through registration ONLY, full registration details will be available on the link below. You need to wear a mask, bring your own prayer rugs and maintain 6' distance. There will be space available for both men and women.

There will be NO iftaar or suhoor at the mosque. Daily and Juma'ah prayers will continue as we are having currently.

Allahumma balighna ramadaan. Oh Allah, let us reach the month of ramadaan.

IMPORTANT: You MUST arrive 5 minutes prior to isha. Failure to do so, will void your reservation.

Last Updated: 5/11/2021
Link to register for Taraweeh will be posted on this page on a daily bases below. It will be available at approximately 10AM-9 PM. You must register for the day in which you are coming.

Link for Registering For Taraweeh: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/154352052143

Please Note: If you click the link before 10 AM it will not work or it will take you to an older event. Please confirm the "Last Updated" date above to make sure the link has been updated.
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Prayer Adhan Iqamah
Fajr 3:56 4:16
Duhr 1:08 1:30
Asr 6:20 6:45
Maghrib 8:36 8:46
Isha 10:21 10:26
Taraweeh available with regsiteration

Bilal Masjid
1:30 PM
*Registeration Required


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