Calculate Your Zakah Online
1  Wages, Compensations & Gifts @2.5%
1.1 Gross annual wages,tips etc.
1.2 Payments from pensions and annuities
1.3 Unemployment Compensation
1.4 Social Security benefits
1.5 Total Wages
2  Professional Fees @2.5% of Net Income
2.1 Total Income realized from your profession during the year
2.2 Operating expenses of your profession during the year
2.3 Total Professional Fees
3  Savings (passive) @2.5%
3.1 Cash kept for one year
3.2 Balance of checking accounts kept for one year
3.3 Balance of saving accounts kept for one year
3.4 Cash value of life insurance kept for one year
3.5 The market value of bonds and or CDs owned for one year
3.6 The market value of possessed gold, silver, and jewelry exceeding what you customarily use, within your class
3.7 Total Savings (Passive)
4  Investments in Share, Business and Stocks @10% of Profits/Gains
4.1 Profits of your participation in partnerships of privately held business/s before deducting reserves (capital reserves, bad debt reserves, depreciation, etc.) and before deducting taxes including dividends from stocks and funds
4.2 Realized capital gain on sales of stocks and bonds and during the year
4.3 Other profits
4.4 Dividends from stocks and mutual funds
4.5 Total Investments
5  Trade &Industry @10% of Net Profit
5.1 Total profits realized from your business or profession during the year
5.2 Business expenses during the year, excluding reserves and taxes
5.3 Total Trade & Industry
6  Real Estate @10% of Net Income
6.1 Rentals and incomes from your real estate during the year
6.2 Operating expenses (including mortgage) on the real estate during the year, but not including reserves for taxes
6.3 Total Real Estate
7  Land Produce @10% of Net Yield
7.1 The selling value of the produce of your cultivated land irrigated by rain during the year
7.2 Cost of seeds, fertilizers, irrigation, labor, and all other costs of cultivation paid during the year
7.3 Total Land Product
8  Final Calculation
Number of Dependent including yourself        Nisab:
Your total zakatable amount is
Your Zakah is

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